Bettings Tips

Betting Tips

Firstly, I will start by recommending that you only bet what you can afford to lose as the first of many betting tips; most bettors lose money, but you may be able to make a profit with the right strategy. I can’t promise you anything, but I can offer tips that may be of assistance.

Secondly, set a budget, a general recommendation is 1-3% of your bank-roll, this could be earnings per month.

Thirdly, find a strategy that matches your psychology, you might prefer the thrill of betting during a match; or, you may prefer to research the fighters and calculate possible outcomes. In the latter case, you will want to look at previous performances (usually their most recent), stance and style, KO percentages, injuries, age etc.

Thirdly, I’d advise avoiding making larger amounts of bets, instead, focus your attention on the 1 or 2 best value bets/fights per weekend.

You will also want to avoid betting on impulse, emotional betting is high-risk, and is less likely to pay-off; if you think, and are very confident that an outcome will occur, that could be a good time to place a bet.

investigate whether the boxers have sustained injuries or not, especially recently, these may prop-up during the match. They can also affect the activity of a boxer.

If a boxer has been inactive, there’s a good chance that they will not be up to snuff; even if they have been training, expect them to make mistakes in a live contest.

Older fighters are usually more prone to injury, it is worth checking how their recent fights have panned out; if they’ve suffered stoppage defeats, betting on a KO/TKO against them could be a very good idea.

Examine a fighter’s trainer or training, and check how other fighters have been performing who are under the same trainer.

You may want to pick the most likely outcome, which may not be reflected in the odds; if you think you can get an edge here, there may be an opportunity to make a decent profit on a selection.

If you think a fight will either go the distance, or end in a late stoppage, then it could be a good idea to with over rounds betting. An example of this would be an over 6-rounds selection.

Round selections can be fighter, or non-fighter specific; that is, the condition can be met, regardless of either fighter winning.

Some book-keepers may offer markets on punches landed, knockdowns, and other criteria not specific to an outcome being achieved in a fight.

If you think there’s a high-risk that you can lose your bet, and a cash-out if offered, consider cashing out. Cashing out may also be a good move, if the return is more than the stake.


To summarise:

  1. Bet only what you can afford to lose
  2. Set yourself a budget
  3. Match betting style to your psychology
  4. Choose fewer, rather than more bets
  5. Check if fighters have sustained injuries, especially recently.
  6. Examine fighter age and recent fights
  7. Examine fighter activity, and whether they’ve had a recent hiatus
  8. Examine fighter trainer, and training regimen where possible
  9. Avoid betting on impulse
  10. Predict an outcome, and pick it
  11. Consider rounds betting (under/over)
  12. Look at alternative markets, such as punches landed
  13. Consider cashing out

Thank you reading, and happy betting!