My Weekly Routine

This page provides information regarding my weekly routine, as well as tips that others embarking on their fitness journey may find useful.


Firstly; I would to detail my morning routine, which consists of the following:

  1. Stretches
  2. Water
  3. Whole-oat porridge (also includes fruit and nuts)
  4. Creatine (dissolved in approximately 250ml of water)
  5. Whey-protein (single scoop, blended in approximately 150ml of water)

This helps me prepare for my morning gym session, which varies daily but averages 6-days per week.

Exercises and muscle-groups

I don’t have a static routine, the exercises I partake in will be any of the following and sorted into appropriate days for muscle-groups that I wish to train.

Additionally; it is essential to aim for 5 to 8-reps till failure, typically performing 5 sets per exercise, I would also recommend at least 1-min intervals between sets to maximise recovery to perform a full-set.

Finally, perform drop-sets where required; that is, if you cannot complete a minimum of 5-reps on your current set. To perform a drop-set, you simply need to reduce the weight slightly.





For those who have noticed the lack of squats and deadlifts, I’m avoiding these for now due to discomfort in my lower-back.

But I do understand that these are great workouts for hamstrings and for general leg-muscle growth.


I do 2 cardio session per-week, typically ranging from 40-mins to an hour or so, I’ve listed the exercises below.

Average Weekly Routine