The Story so far

Canelo’s latest opponent is the elusive southpaw: John Ryder. Ryder’s most notable victory is arguably his split decision win over Daniel Jacobs, which was a rather lack-lustre affair on Daniel Jacob’s part whose performance was more lethargic than what he usually delivers. Personally, I expected Jacobs’ power punching to be more of a factor in that fight, Ryder was able to slip Jacob’s right-hands and work the inside with a hooks and uppercuts repeatedly. Ryder also achieved a KO victory over Jamie Cox, I believe that Ryder was not the favourite at the time if I remember correctly.

Some History on Ryder

Ryder has made many improvements in his career; the 34 year-old has suffered a total of 5 defeats, with opponents including: Callum Smith (who achieved a highly-controversial UD win), Nick Blackwell and Rocky Fielding (who was brutally destroyed by Callum Smith well within the scheduled distance). Ryder has become more elusive, with head-movement being a core element of his style; he has also become physically stronger, and is more able to control the inside against his opponents.

Canelo Overview

Canelo’s previous opponent was the aged but durable and powerful Gennadiy Golovkin, an opponent who arguably achieved two victories over the Mexican (the first fight was ruled a draw, the second a victory for Canelo); Golovkin has shown significant decline, as he has lost speed and reflexes, this had contributed to Canelo out-boxing Golovkin comfortably in the third outing to achieve a UD win.

Canelo’s second to last match was against Dimitry Bivol, Bivol methodically defeated Canelo with relative ease, with excellent range-control and punch-output; he did not allow Canelo to successfully land counter-punches, or control the inside: Bivol had kept the fight at mid-range and was able to force Canelo to box on his terms.

Additional Analysis

Ryder is not Golovkin or Bivol, he doesn’t have Bivol’s range-control or size (Bivol is a light-heavyweight), and he does not have Golovkin’s durability or punch-power. What Ryder does have, is great head-movement and an ability to setup his power punches and combinations using said head-movement; with that being said, Canelo is known for his cat-like reflexes and excellent counter-punches, Canelo will likely want Ryder to mis-fire with his left-hand, and immediately counter with a right-hand, Canelo also throws an excellent lead-uppercut, this will be ideal against Ryder’s right hook from the southpaw stance, especially if Canelo manages to successfully roll underneath it.

Canelo is proven against higher level opposition, he is an excellent counter puncher with superior punch-power compared to Ryder, I will predict that this fight ends in a late-stoppage win for Canelo, I can see Ryder having most of his success when Canelo leans on the ropes and lets his opponent work, Canelo had did this against both Golovkin and Liam Smith; arguably, to setup his counter-punches.

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