Canelo drops and defeats Jaime Munguia

Canelo drops and defeats a very game Jaime Munguia at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, who had most of his success in the early rounds.

The fight was entertaining, and action-packed; with Munguia taking the lead in the first few rounds

There was some very good Bivol-esque work from Munguia in the 2nd round, throwing 1-2-1-2 combos at mid-range.

Munguia was willing to trade on the inside, Canelo was happy to oblige with counter-punching, dropping Munguia with an uppercut in the 4th.

Arguably, it was Munguia’s willingness to trade on the inside that cost him the fight, as Canelo is a prolific counter-puncher.

Canelo was ripping his signature left-hook to the body, and was also following up with rear, and cork-screw uppercuts that he is very proficient at.

Munguia has show-cased his work-rate and chin in this fight, whereas Canelo had show-cased his excellent defence, and powerful counter-punches.

In several instances, Canelo was able to parry, block, and slip punches from Munguia, even when the combinations had punches in high-volume.

it was after the knockdown, that Canelo gradually gained more favour with the judges (in once instance it was scored 116-111 in favour of Canelo).

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I had made the following public prediction on X, I hadn’t made a bet on this prediction; it was however, incredibly accurate.

Canelo had went the distance, had a lot of success with body-work, and also delivered a knockdown against Munguia.

Final Thoughts

It has been rumoured that Canelo will fight Edgar Berlanga, a fight that the public don’t seem very keen on, probably because Canelo doesn’t appear to want to fight Benavidez.

There is also the potential that Canelo fights “Bud” Crawford, this fight has garnered a lot more intrigue compared to Berlanga.

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