In a display of superior ring-IQ and patience, Gervonta Davis wins by 7th KO. The fight was not a barn-burner by any stretch; Davis committed to the jab early, often working it up-stairs, to setup his left-crosses to the body which he worked efficiently.

Ryan Garcia opened up in the second round, having minor success in the exchanges; Davis rolls under a left-hook and counters immediately with a left-uppercut, which dropped Garcia, stopping his assault in its tracks.

Davis had worked from mid-range to the outside, fighting as a counter-puncher by and large, with his power punches setup by his jab, he had also won most of the rounds, not including the knock-down that he had scored in the second.

The fight ends in what appears to be a delayed reaction to a right-hook to the body scored in the 7th, Garcia did not make the count and only got to his feet after the 10-count.

Davis’ ability to control range, his mobility and his effective counter-power-punching, had arguably been the difference makers in this match-up, as Garcia had no answer to the problems Davis had presented. Garcia’s lack of lateral movement had rendered him a target to Davis’ left hand attacks, not able to successfully commit with the jab or slip Davis’ jab.

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