Hamzah Sheeraz Obliterates a Shot Liam Williams

Hamzah Sheeraz obliterates a shot Liam Williams, who was first knocked down by a jab, and eventually stopped in the first round.

This fight didn’t demonstrate Sheeraz’s ability for me; rather, it had shown that Liam Williams’ punch-resistance is completely gone.

Williams will likely consider retirement after this outing, it’s a shame because he was a great fighter, and fought world-level opponents in Liam Smith and Demetrius Andrade.

In the first Smith fight, it looked liked Williams was going to defeat Smith; however, the fight was stopped due to an injury, I cannot recall how the injury was caused.

The rematch was a clear win for Smith, who was simply the better fighter on the night.

Of course, I expected Sheeraz to win, but not in such dominant fashion so early in the fight, every single punch landed had hurt Williams.

I had expected the fight to at least reach the 8th-round, such was the case when Williams had Eubank Jr; of course, Eubank Jr had won that fight.

Williams had went the distance against Andrade and Eubank Jr, Andrade himself was a puncher at middleweight. Andrade was destroyed by Benavidez when he moved up to super-middleweight.

Arguably, Williams hasn’t been the same fighter since his loss to Andrade, it was a hard fight, and to Williams’ credit, he did hurt Andrade, I believe in the fourth round if I remember correctly.

I think this is Sheeraz’s best win, since his victory over Bradley Skeete, who he defeated by TKO in the 9th-round.

Sheeraz is ranked #5 and #4 for the WBO and WBC respectively, so the potential for opponents that are in the top-5 in these rankings are higher.

Potential Opponents

Sheeraz moves on to the next level, so who should he fight next? Potential opponents include: Zhanibek Alimkhanuly, Carlos Adames, Austin Williams, Jermell Charlo and Chris Eubank Jr.

Austin Williams could very be his next fight, and I will be following the developments for Sheeraz’s next opponent.

Congratulations to Hamzah Sheeraz, and a thank you to Liam Williams for his contributions to the sport; regrettably, I don’t think there’s any more he can achieve in the sport.

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