Lukasz Rosanski gets the upset victory and destroys Alen Babic in the first round; no attempt at a feeling out process, both fighters try to throw bombs straight away, and Rosanski has the superior punch accuracy and scored devastating blows.

Babic, was a slight favourite going into the fight, the conensus was that the fight would not go the distance; punters speculated that the fight would not go further than 5 rounds; indeed, it didn’t go beyond the first!

Rosanski came into the fight with more professional experience (15 fights to Babic’s 11), had fought higher level opposition (Ugonoh and Spilzka), he also had a relative edge in weight; weighing at 224Ibs to Babic’s 210Ibs.

Babic, a boxer known for his penchant for brawling, and slugging from the first bell, could not defend himself from the attacks of his more experienced opponent.

Finally, for Babic; going down to cruiserweight would be a good call, he would need to improve his boxing ability if possible. As there are only so many fights you can win by brawling; typically, a more seasoned and skilled boxer will take advantage of the mistakes a brawler makes. Babic would only need to lose 10Ibs to make the weight, and he would be dealing with men closer to his size, and he should be able to win more fights at a higher level in that division. There won’t be much chance for success in the heavyweight division at a higher level than what he has fought: Kabayel would defeat him, Chisora would defeat him, and anyone else at that level whereabouts would likely defeat Babic.

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