Ring of Fire - Keys to Victory

In this post, I will be outlining the keys to victory for either fighter, in the upcoming Ring of Fire event, scheduled to take placed tomorrow at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Firstly, I will start off with Fury:

  1. Use height and reach
  2. Use leans and clinches, and even pushes
  3. Work the body
  4. When avoiding or defending punches, use the ropes for leverage
  5. Switch-hit
  6. Use the southpaw stance
  7. utilise the left-hand for power-punches and counters

Now, I will outlaw the keys to victory for Usyk:

  1. Utilise feints
  2. establish the jab
  3. control distance, maintain preferred range
  4. head-movement and footwork
  5. work combinations and counters
  6. use the rear hand for power counter punches
  7. use body-shots to setup head-shots
  8. avoid getting too close to Fury
  9. don’t get trapped in the ropes or corners
  10. move around Fury’s lead-foot
  11. anticipate the left-hand as a power hand from Fury
  12. protect the body

Please feel to free comment on X, as I will be sharing this post there, there are some differences compared to the tweet I posted earlier outlining the keys to victory.

Please find the tweet here:

I expect Usyk to get the victory by any method, I’m noticing a pattern of more people going for draws in their bets in this fight; personally, I think there will be a winner.

In any event, I expect there will a rematch, may the best man win the fight tomorrow, I’m sure it will be an intriguing spectacle.

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