I wonder if the weight-classes could eventually be re-categorised into an order that functions chronologically; for instance, cruiserweight arguably should replace light-heavyweight, in fact, I think the light-heavyweight division is redundant when we have super-middleweight and cruiserweight divisions. Could there be some revision here, the taxonomies are a juxtaposition, as light and heavy I don’t think should be used concurrently in the same term.

The following is my weight-category listing idea:

  1. Minimum-weight (100-108Ibs)
  2. fly-weight (109-115Ibs)
  3. bantam-weight (115-122Ibs)
  4. feather-weight (123-130Ibs)
  5. light-weight (131-140Ibs)
  6. welter-weight (141-159Ibs)
  7. middle-weight (160-174Ibs)
  8. cruiser-weight (175-190Ibs)
  9. heavy-weight (190-220Ibs)
  10. super heavy-weight (220Ibs+)

The weight ranges are arbitrary, and will require more research before I can produce something more solid.

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