Katie Taylor will be fighting undefeated super-lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron for her home-coming in Dublin; Cameron, who has had 17 fights and is the naturally larger of the two, should have physical advantages over Taylor, namely strength, reach and youth, as she is 4 years younger than Taylor.

Taylor is the more skilled and experienced of the two, and fights comfortably on the outside, landing combinations when countering her opponents; both Taylor and Cameron have fought Jessica McCaskill, Cameron’s approach in this was more front-footed, demonstrating her physical advantage compared to Taylor.

Katie Taylor has the far superior pedigree, attaining multiple gold medals, especially the gold medal in the Olympics; Cameron had earned a silver and bronze in the EU championships.

Despite the differences in skill and pedigree, I’m going to be contrarian and edge Cameron in a decision, I think being younger and naturally larger, will suit her in this match-up.

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