Dalton Smith will be fighting Sam Maxwell tomorrow (Saturday 1st July), which will be broadcasted by DAZN, scheduled for 10pm in the UK (estimated time).

Dalton Smith currently has a KO percentage of 71% and is undefeated, his previous opponents have been lower ranking than Sam Maxwell (who is currently ranked: #96 according to BoxRec).

Sam Maxwell has been stopped previously, by opponent Alejandro Meneses, who’s record currently stands at 16(9)-6(4)-0. Meneses has a KO percentage of 41%.

Where Smith may have some issues, is where he carries his lead-hand close to his waist, Maxwell does like right-hand counters, Smith will use his feet to try to mitigate Maxwell’s counter attacks.

Smith is the more talented boxer, and is the harder punch at least according to KO percentages, but his level of opposition hasn’t been very good.

Smith is 26 years-of-age, so is coming into his prime; on the other hand, Maxwell is 34 years-of-age, and is past his prime, albeit, only by a couple of years.

Finally, I expect Dalton Smith to win the match, but not by any particular method; should a TKO/KO happen, it will be later in the fight.

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