Saul Alvarez and Jermall Charlo are due to fight in September; presently, no official date has been provided.

Alvarez is starting to decline, but is still close to his physical prime; as it stands, Canelo is still very dangerous for any opponent as he is very well conditioned and his reflexes are still sharp.

Jermall Charlo has an excellent and commanding jab; Charlo likes to operate from the outside, controlling range against his opponents. Charlo also favours the left-hook, and will also use it against an opponents body, despite usually being taller than his opponents.

Canelo’s high-guard and lateral movement, should favour him in this fight (especially his pull-counter), Charlo typically relies on range-control and a tight-guard for defence. Canelo could have a lot of success against Charlo’s counter left-hooks if he feints with the right-hand before delivering a powerful uppercut or straight punch.

I don’t think there will be any knockdowns in this fight; both have indeed demonstrated solid chins and punch resistance.

Finally, I think Canelo will win on points; Charlo’s relative lack of activity will be a disadvantage.

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