Frazer Clarke dominates David Allen, forcing a retirement during the interval after the 6th-round, due to what appears to be a broken jaw.

Clarke’s jab set the pace from the opening bell, controlling range and setting up Clarke’s attacks.

From time-to-time, David Allen would throw an overhand-right, with little success typically.

With the above being said, Clarke had dropped his lead hand in moments during the fight, this would have increased his vulnerability.

However, David Allen wasn’t able to capitalise on this.

The greatest controversy in this fight, was the 2 point-deductions that Clarke suffered due to low-blows, these were inadvertent.

This couldn’t be helped on Clarke’s part, as Allen’s trunks were falling below the foul-protector frequently.

There was some back and forth between Clarke and Allen after the fight.

Clarke’s jabs, uppercuts, and punch-technique were decisive against the basic, but rugged David Allen.

Some don’t feel that this was a strong enough performance by Clarke, he wasn’t losing a round, but could he have been more commanding?

I personally think this was a strong performance for a 32 year-old prospect; arguably, his performance was more decisive than either Yoka or Price.

Finally, Frazer Clarke continues his journey as an undefeated prospect, it looks like Fabio Wardley has some interest in fighting him as well.

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