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Lyndon Arthur was down on the cards when he defeated Braian Nahuel Suarez, and had suffered a knockdown in the fourth-round during the fight.

Arthur was boxing on the outside, utilising the jab and trying to keep Suarez at range.

This was a difficult fight for Arthur; Suarez was marching on the inside, throwing power-punches and trying to hurt Arthur.

Suarez was bullying Arthur to the ropes, trying to hold in place and leave him vulnerable to body and head attacks.

Occasionally, Arthur would find openings whilst on the ropes, but was vulnerable to Suarez’ combinations when attempting to counter.

Arthur focused on throwing counter punches in response, namely left-hooks to the body and right-uppercuts and straights to the head.

It was a left-hook to the body that stopped the fight in the 10th-round, with just approximately 20-seconds left in the match.

This was a clean left-hook, no controversy, such as was the case with the Usyk v Dubois match.

I do wonder if Suarez could have fought through the pain, or do something to bide his time, so that he could survive the round.

If Suarez did survive, it’s very likely he would have won on points I think, he was for me landing the more hurtful shots.

There’s also the potential that he could have fought on to get the stoppage, later in the fight, during the championship rounds.

Going Ahead

Finally, Lyndon Arthur could go on to fight the following opponents:

There’s also Albert Remirez, who also defeated Braian Nahuel Suarez. Based on the WBO Rankings, the winner of Buatsi and Azeez is also another option.

In terms of who would be the best opponent for him, with the names that I’ve mentioned, Jean Pascal could be the best fit, due to his position on the rankings, and his age.

Jean Pascal is arguably less dangerous than the other potential opponents I’ve mentioned.

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