George Kamboses Jr defeats Maxi Hughes, earning a highly controversial majority-decision win at the Firelake Arena.

I had a made a public prediction for this fight, which you can find by clicking here

Fristly, I will add that I did not the watch the fight live; instead, I have been watching a replay, that was swiftly uploaded by Sky Sports Boxing.

You can watch the video below:

Analysis and Scoring

Secondly; Hughes had a great performance in this match, and certainly performed better than I had expected.

Arguably, Hughes had most of his success in the 5th-round, even appearing to hurt Kamboses in this round, the cut over Kamboses Jr’ right eye was caused by a punch, in a different round I believe.

Hughes was boxing on the outside, relying on ducks, pulls and slips to setup his counters, he was also successful with feints to setup his jab.

It was also in the 5th-round, where Hughes had landed a sensational pull-left-uppercut counter, towards the end of the round.

Kamboses Jr was on the front-foot throughout the fight, preferring to fight with feints, jabs, left-hooks and straight-punches; it was his left-hooks and straight-punches where Kamboses Jr had most of his success.

As there was controversy with the scorecards, I’ve decided to produce my own scorecard, which I have included below:

LMGBoxFit Scorecard George Kamboses wins highly controversial majority decision against Maxi Hughes

Wrapping Up

Finally, Maxi Hughes has proven that he can fight at world-level, and despite this controversial decision, I’m sure there will be potential for some great matches to be made for him,

As for George Kamboses Jr, Shakur Stevenson has already shown an interest in fighting him. I think Stevenson will certainly win the contest if it indeed does occur; the success that Hughes had with pull-counters, must surely mean that Stevenson would have a great blueprint to work with, only that he will have superior punching-power in comparison.

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