Jai Opetaia obliterates Jordan Thompson

Jai Opetaia obliterates Jordan Thompson, in just 4-rounds at the Wembley Arena on Saturday, 30th September.

Opetaia worked the jab, and immediately setup his left-straights down the pipe, with ruthless efficiency.

punishing every mistake Thompson makes meticulously, causing significant damage in the first round.

Thompson did have some success with his right hand, namely, straight punches and uppercuts. But wasn’t able to do enough to get the Aussie’s respect.

Slipping Thompson’s jabs, Opetaia was able to negate the substantial reach advantage Thompson possesses, delivering powerful blows on the inside.

Once on the inside, with his opponent on the ropes, Opetaia will rip hooks to the body and head.

Eventually, the onslaught delivered by Opetaia proved too much, forcing the ref to step in and stop the fight in the 4th-round.

Finally, I had predicted this fight to go the distance, with Opetaia to get the decision. Opetaia far exceeded my expectations.

Rumours are now circulating that a match with Chris Billam-Smith could be in the works, I think this would be a relatively easy-win for Opetaia.

As Opetaia is a crafty southpaw, I think unification and otherwise undisputed at cruiserweight, is a possibility.

His win with Briedis certainly puts him in good stead, even if it was a controversial decision for the Aussie.

Potential opponents for Opetaia: Lawrence Okolie, Yuniel Dorticos, Badou Jack, of course Chris Billam-Smith, as I’ve already mentioned.

Please refer to my tweet for predictions made on the night, alternatively, you can find data on my picks here 

image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9inS6ABUwwU&t=398s

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