Canelo looked vintage against Jermell Charlo

Canelo looked vintage against Jermell Charlo in their fight over the weekend, on Saturday, 30th September at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

Marching forward with a high-guard, Canelo would work effective jabs, then follow up with whipping right-hands.

Once Canelo has Charlo up against the ropes, he would begin to work combinations, putting Charlo on the defensive.

in round 7, Canelo does a cheeky move, feinting with the right-hand, then landing a shot that buckles Charlo, then immediately follows up with an uppercut with the same hand.

Canelo delivers a knockdown in the 7th-round.

Charlo struggled to have much success with power-punches, Canelo was very successful with his guard and head-movement.

Charlo did however, work the jab very well, out-landing Canelo by-and-large according to CompuBox stats with this punch.

Finally, Canelo can move on to other opponents, for some, this has removed doubts that he is still in his prime.

As Canelo looked vintage, it would be great to see if he goes on to fight Benavidez after this fight, there is also the potential rematch with Bivol.

Personally, I think the Benavidez fight makes more sense, and he has been touted as an opponent for multiple years.

David Morrell is another potential opponent, as he has the regular WBA title in the super-middleweight division.

Bivol is Canelo’s Kryptonite, and Canelo may not be able to beat him, even if his diet and training regimen is improved.

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