Jaime Munguia destroys John Ryder

Jaime Munguia destroys John Ryder in the 9th round after delivering 4 knockdowns! Ryder had got up again until the bell was rung after his corner urged the fight to be stopped.

This was an action packed contest that certainly delivered value for entertainment, with Munguia always looking for power-shots.

Ryder’s toughness and heart really shun in this fight, he absorbed powerful right-hands from Munguia, but that didn’t deter him from trying to fight back.

Round 6 was perhaps Ryder’s best round, as he had plenty of success in this round; otherwise, Munguia dominated the scorecards.

Munguia kept coming forward, throwing powerful combinations; his left-hook to the body and his right-straight to the head were his most prolific punches in this contest.

It looks like Munguia had made improvements on his timing, speed and punch technique, as he delivered efficient and effective combinations.

He has been training with Freddie Roach, who is of course an highly-experience trainer, and also use to train Manny Pacquiao.

Munguia can be Hit, but his chin always responds well to any punches landed.

Ryder’s right-hook was an effective tool for him, finding the mark frequently from the southpaw stance against the orthodox fighter, other notable punches for Ryder include the left-uppercut, and left-straight.

It’s likely Ryder will retire after this contest, but he should be proud of what he has achieved; the tenacity he has shown in his fights against Canelo and Munguia are a credit to himself, and the sport.

Munguia is #1 for the WBO title, he’s not presently ranked with the IBF and WBA, but is ranked #2 with the WBC.

Munguia now has an opportunity to fight Canelo, there’s also Benavidez; personally, I don’t think Munguia beats either, but Canelo has slowed down. Benavidez should be too big, and too strong in theory.

Other potential opponents include: David Morrell and Christian Mbilli (Mbilli is ranked #1 for the WBC, not including Benavidez who is the interim champion), and Diego Pocheco.

My Prediction

My official prediction for this contest was Munguia over 8-rounds, the following is my tweet enclosing this prediction; it’s fairly accurate:

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image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtwtW9GqZJ0

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