Jaime Munguia retains his undefeated-record and world-title against very game opponent Sergiy Deveryanchenko; Deveryancheko’s performance in this fight was solid, especially considering that he is 38 years-of-age, compared to Munguia who is 26 years-of-age.

Munguia almost stopped Deveryanchenko in the final round, Deveryanchenko manages to pull-through and survive by going on his bicycle, rolling under punches, and engaging the clinch where possible.

Munguia got rocked in the 5th round, but manages to stabilise himself and re-engage Deveryanchenko later in the round.

Munguia certainly looked the power-puncher in the fight, throwing every punch with conviction; however, Munguia will need to improve on his defences. Whilst he has a solid guard, his lack of lateral movement left openings for Deveryanchenko to exploit, Deveryanchenko was certainly the more elusive fighter, and used this to his advantage to setup counter punches on the inside.

Finally, what is next for Jaime Munguia; according to BoxRec: he is ranked #4, behind John Ryder, David Benavidez, and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. With Munguia’s defensive flaws, I think Benavidez and Canelo would be very tough fights for him, but a match-up with John Ryder will make sense, as Ryder is coming off a loss against Canelo and has proved himself at world-level; this will be great way to measure where Munguia is at.

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