Jared Anderson faces Charles Martin this weekend, in a fight that is scheduled for 10 rounds.

Anderson currently has a 100% KO percentage, stopping all of his opponents; his most recent was the once heavyweight prospect George Arias, who was retired after round 3.

This fight is a step-up for Jared Anderson, as he hasn’t previously faced an opponent who has fought at world-level (Charles Martin has of course came up short, barring the match with Glazkov, which was won via an injury).

Jared Anderson has previously fought southpaws before; one example is Jerry Forrest, who he defeated via TKO in the second round.

Charles Martin is 37 years-of-age, so will be in decline at this stage; Jared Anderson is 23 years-of-age, and hasn’t yet reached his physical prime. Anderson will be continuing to learn and develop in his career.

Finally, I will be picking Jared Anderson to win by TKO/KO; I think this fight could very well end within 4 rounds, but I don’t expect it to get to round 8.



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