Jesse Rodriguez dominates and stops Sunny Edwards, forcing a retirement at the end of round 9, at the Desert Diamond Arena, Glasdale.

Edwards struggled to get into a rhythm in this fight, whereas as Rodriguez was constantly on the front-foot in the southpaw stance, applying pressure.

The ring-control from Rodriguez was excellent, brilliantly holding range whilst working the jab, coming forward, setting up his combinations.

Edwards did have his own success in this fight; namely, turning Rodriquez around in round 7, and landing counters from the southpaw stance.

Edwards had adopted a southpaw position almost persistently from round 5; arguably, he was more successful as a southpaw.

Eventually, the pressure from Rodriguez was simply too much for Edwards, who was dropped in the later stages of the fight.

Edwards was retired in his corner at the end of round 9, it is stated that he suffered an orbital fracture. Please refer to the following tweet:

Finally, a marvellous showing from both fighters, demonstrating that they wanted to get the win.

Rodriguez has the following fight opportunities ahead:

  • Julio Cesar Martinez
  • Artem Dalakian
  • Riku Kano
  • Angel Ayala Lardizabal

Edwards may want to persue a rematch, after his injuries have healed; alternatively, he may look to a couple of keep busy fights, before taking a rematch.

My picks haven’t been as accurate this week. please refer to the following tweet:

One final thing, I had thought that Edwards head-movement would be more a factor, but he was more upright than I had expected.

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