Chris Billam-Smith receives fortuitous victory

Chris Billam-Smith receives fortuitous retirement victory, as Masternak sustains an injury during the 7th-round, forcing his corner to retire him just before the 8th.

This was a very difficult night for Billam-Smith, who I believe was down on multiple commentator’s scorecards, and perhaps the judges as well (but I can’t confirm this).

The following is a tweet from EverythingBoxing:

This is an accurate analysis of the match, as Billam-Smith really struggled against Masternak, especially after the first couple of rounds.

The main pointers are: CBS doesn’t move his head enough, and has a tendency to come forward in straight lines, not moving side-to-side, or using pendulum-steps.

Smith also was very vulnerable to Masternak’s right-hands, not being able to block, parry, or slip this punch (this was where Masternak was most effective, and where CBS needs to improve)

Masternak on the other hand, would circle on the outside, and use his feet regularly, and would come in-and-out range when required.

Billam-Smith lands a good body shot towards the end of the 7th-round, Masternak noticeably slows down after this, but it wasn’t clear to me how injured he was.

For instance, I didn’t notice a lump around the abdomen, but this was spotted by CBS’s trainer: Shane McGuigan.

Finally, it looks like Chris Billam-Smith will go on to fight Richard Riakporhe in a re-match, in which he lost the previous fight.

I will expect Riakporhe to win this fight, via the scheduled distance.

Unless CBS makes defensive improvements, I cannot see how he progresses beyond his current level; he has a world-title, but could lose it without gaining another.

I also expect that Jai Opetaia would be able to defeat CBS comfortably.

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