Joe Cordina edges win in highly-competitive contest

Joe Cordina edges win against Edward Vazquez in a highly-competitive contest, Vazquez had disagreed with the decision, the fight was very close.

Firstly, congratulations to both fighters for putting on a fantastic performance; the fight was competitive, and entertaining throughout.

Joe Cordina by-and-large, boxed on the outside, utilising his jab, and building on counter punches to the body and head.

Cordina’s left-hook to the body was prolific, and looked like it was having an effect against Vazquez, slowing him down in parts of the fight.

Despite Cordina’s power-punches from the back-foot, Vazquez continued to march forward, maintaining a tight guard and working on the inside.

Vazquez was very confident in throwing the lead-uppercut, but didn’t have much success with this punch; most of his success came from the left-hook, and right-straight.

At times, Vazquez showed brilliance, pivoting with Cordina and disabling what would overwise be a dominant position for Cordina.

Finally, many of the rounds were tight, whilst I don’t have a scorecard, I do think Cordina edged the fight on more effective, powerful punching and jabs.

There have been polls regarding Cordina’s next potential opponent, I’ve included an embed below:

Based on this poll, most people want to see Joe Cordina fight Leigh Wood, this is a very good fight.

For myself, I would personally like to see Joe Cordina fight Emanuel Navarrete, I will not say whether Cordina wins this fight or not at this time.

Leigh Wood would be coming up a weight class, if he were to fight Joe Cordina.

The following is an embed including my predictions made on twitter:

Please refer to my picks for this week

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