Why should you do brain training?

Brain Training

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying that brain-training won’t make you a genius, but I do think it will help with general self-improvement.

to emphasise, perhaps grammar is something that you struggle with, and you would like to improve in this area?

There are many solutions to this problem, you could consult an expert in the field, you could use software, or attend a course and study.

AI is also another solution, but this takes human effort away, and could encourage people to atrophy by simply deferring tasks to AI.

This is where brain training comes in, you could simply download an application onto your smartphone, and perform tasks that correspond with different cognitive areas.

Applications and systems

For example, there is Elevate, a gamified brain-training application that focuses on 5 key areas: Writing, Speaking, Reading, Mathematics and Memory.

In Elevate, you start off from the lowest difficulty level, and then eventually work your way up; the game-element makes it more stimulating.

Through persistence, you will continue to develop in a particular area, though of course, a threshold will eventually be reached.

I think this applies to practically any skill, as there is a ceiling that cannot be overcome, this is where you could potentially look to develop another skill.

If for instance, you’re weak at mathematics, then why not try the “maths workout”, or the array of math games available, for example: subtraction, division, averages etc.

With some games, I would recommend playing on a larger mobile device, such as a tablet, as the text can be difficult to read, this is true of games such as extraction.

In extraction, you are required to absorb bits of information as quickly as possible, as you have limited time to skim through the provided text.

Elevate is the application that I would personally recommend, but another popular system is Lumosity.

I don’t personally have experience with Lumosity, so I cannot comment on it, but it is widely recommended.

Physical and Mental workouts

When looking to build mental-discipline, why not combine brain-training with a HIIT session, or a general cardio workout?

performing cognitive tasks whilst under pressure, helps to produce mental-discipline, the same could be said when performing such tasks under fatigue.

After all, Vasiliy Lomachenko includes the Schultz Table into his workouts, and this is to help with reaction times.

If you want to be like Lomachenko, incorporate similar elements into your training; of course, I’m not saying pairing brain-training with boxing, is going to turn you into Lomachenko.

Final Thoughts

As I have stated earlier in this article, brain-training will not turn you into a genius, there is also debate that it will simply improve your working-knowledge rather than cognitive function.

Anyhow, I’ve found brain-training to be useful and mildly fulfilling, and I do think it can help you reach your potential.

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