Liam Dillon has managed to grind out a majority-decision win against Qais Ashfaq in a torrid, and hard-fought contest.

2-knockdowns were scored in the fight; these were very controversial, and I didn’t think these were knockdowns. Alas, they contributed to the scorecard.

Ashfaq had his share of success from the outside, focusing on movement and ring-control to setup his left-hand counters.

Ashfaq was landing a lot of his left-hand counters too, but couldn’t hurt the persistent and rugged Dillon, who kept marching forward, working his combinations on the inside.

Qais Ashfaq’s lack of power arguably cost him in this fight, as he wasn’t able to get Dillon’s respect.

Dillon neglected his jab in this fight, preferring to work power-punches on the inside when he had his opponent on the ropes.

Both fighters were bloodied, though 1 cut on each boxer were caused by head-clashes.

Finally, I think the majority-decision serves Dillon well, who was not the favourite in this match.

Dillon was however, more highly-ranked than Ashfaq, I don’t think Dillon will become world-level, but he could progress domestically.

A potential fight for Dillon could be any of the following: Reece Bellotti, Jaime Munoz.

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