Josh Kelly got a wide landslide decision against Argentine Gabriel Alberto Corzo in what was more-or-less, a glorified exhibition.

There was very little drive or ambition from Corzo, who was content to stay on the outside and focus on survival and throw the odd counter punch or combination here and there.

Kelly was also content in show-boating for approximately half of the fight; Corzo was the type of opponent where Kelly should have stamped his authority.

This was the first time Corzo had fought outside of Argentina, according to BoxRec, he was ranked #208 prior to this fight.

This wasn’t an impressive win in my opinion; granted, he did win a wide-decision.

Kelly did demonstrate solid head-movement, ring-control and fast, sharp punching; but didn’t impose himself as strongly as what I think he could have.

Having his hands by his waist, was more jarring to the eye, than impressive; in fact, it’s rather crass to be taunting a low-level opponent like this when you could simply impose yourself and obtain an emphatic victory.

Corzo was not a threat to Kelly, and has fought at a lower-level, considerably.

Finally, where does Josh Kelly go after this performance? I think he will be able to defeat the likes of James Metcalf and Dennis Hogan. But he gets demolished by the likes of Jermell Charlo and Tim Tszyu.

I don’t see Josh Kelly getting a world-title in this weight-class; the show-boating needs to stop, and he needs to focus on technique, keeping those hands high and working the combinations.

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