Natasha Jonas is awarded split-decision against Mikaela Mayer

Natasha Jonas gets the split-decision victory, after a very entertaining, and competitive fight; I congratulate both fighters on their performance tonight!

The verdict was controversial, as many pundits and commentators had felt that Mayer had done enough to win the fight.

Certainly, Mayer was the fighter who was on the front-foot, and applied pressure constantly with a very high work-rate.

Personally, I think Jonas landed the heavier shots, and did some very good work to the body also when on the inside.

I do think Mayer had done enough to win, due to her constant aggression and work-rate, she was controlling and landed shots.

Jonas almost boxed exclusively on the outside, when for opportunities to arise when Mayer takes the lead and throws combinations.

Mayer had most of her success with the jab, left-hook and right-cross, but didn’t Jonas into a shell.

Jonas’s success came from left shovel-hooks to the body, right-hooks and left-crosses upstairs, and the left-crosses especially looked solid.

This was the most entertaining fight on the card, a rematch could very well be in the works, and I’m sure Mayer will want to persue that option.

The following are tweets from a variety of commentators, who had felt that Mayer won the fight:

If a rematch does occur, where will it be hosted? Arguably, Saudia Arabia is becoming a more welcoming venue, Mayer may wish to have a rematch in her own country.

Previous fights

Natasha Jonas

Natasha Jonas had fought the likes of Katie Taylor, Marie Eva Ducaire, Terri Harper and Kandi Wyat (whom she had beaten via TKO in the 8th-round).

The Katie Taylor was perhaps Jonas’s toughest, it was competitive, but ultimately Jonas lost the fight by unanimous decision; this is nothing to be ashamed of, of course. Taylor is touted by many to one of, if not the best female boxers at the moment.

Jonas had handily gotten the better of Kandi Wyatt, who didn’t offer much resistance against the Liverpudlian.

Mikaela Mayer

Alycia Baumgardner is Mikaela Mayer’s most notable opponent, who she suffered a split-decision loss to; many felt that Mayer had won this fight.

Presently, there is controversy surrounding Baumgardner’s results for a drug test, I do not know if this has been resolved, so won’t provide further comment on the matter.

Based on current knowledge, I think a rematch with Baumgardner is very unlikely.


Finally, congratulations to Natasha Jonas, the decision was a controversial one; we shall see what either fighter wants to do next.

I had predicted a points win for Natasha Jonas, you can find my picks on my site here: This week’s picks.

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