It has been reported that negotiations have begun for a fight to be arranged between Tyson Fury and Demsey McKean, McKean is an undefeated Australian, who is ranked #58 in the world according to BoxRec ( Personally, I have not heard of him before, but that might just be that I haven’t been following Australian boxing very much.

I don’t think this bode’s well for Fury’s reputation, he has been blaming Usyk and his team for the fall-through of negotations for their respective match-up, and is now in negotiations with someone who is not in title-contention in any shape or form. McKean is not in the top 15, let alone top 10 or top 5; this match-up doesn’t make any sense besides as a tune-up fight for some additional income.

Personally, I have not watched any of McKean’s fights which I would need to do before I can judge him as boxer; with that being said, he hasn’t fought any one of note. Demsey McKean’s most recent opponent was Patrick Korte, who is ranked #223 according to BoxRec.

In short, this is a pointless match-up; Fury could have negotiated to fight Anthony Joshua, Joe Joyce or Zhilei Zhang (after their re-match), Usyk of course, is who Tyson Fury should be fighting at this stage. I think Fury is afraid of Usyk, and believes he will lose to him.

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