Devin Haney defeats Vasiliy Lomachenko a controversial unanimous-decision against Vasiliy Lomachenko; now, I had picked Haney in the build-up to this fight. Personally, I don’t think Haney won this match-up, I had Lomachenko by approximately 2 rounds.

You can read my post on my fight prediction here: My thoughts on the up-coming Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko match-up

I won’t go and say that it was a robbery, but I think Lomachenko’s effectiveness on the inside won him this match; he was able to pivot around Haney and work flurries, scoring crosses and hooks at close-range, and looked fairly comfortable doing so between the mid and championship rounds.

Haney was most effective at range, working counters to the body; this was a risky move by Haney, but he didn’t pay the price as he practiced solid range-control to avoid any counters by Lomachenko when working the body-shots.

In terms of punches thrown vs punches landed, Lomachenko had the edge, compubox figures had also been distributed across the rounds. Lomachenko landed 124 out of 564 punches, compared to Haney who landed 110 out of 405 punches.

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