Terence Crawford destroys Errol Spence decisively over 7-rounds, demonstrating that he is an elite-welterweight and P4P great.

Firstly, I didn’t watch the fight live; I had watched a couple of highlight videos.

Crawford was able to drop Spence with a stiff-jab in the second round, tilting Spence’s head in the process.

Spence had attempted to work the body in parts, Crawford’s robust defence negated Spence’s body attacks.

Crawford had also demonstrated his ability in assaulting the body, to setup his attacks upstairs. He had also utilised a southpaw stance throughout the fight, leans and pulls to setup his counters.

Spence could never get established with the jab, frequently countered with left-crosses from Crawford when attempting to move forward and hold range.

Crawford boxed incredibly well on the outside, demonstrating excellent range control, and never allowing Spence to get in a rhythm.

Finally, Spence is looking to fight again in a rematch against Crawford; as his performance was underwhelming, is a rematch even warranted? Crawford could potentially setup a fight with Jermell Charlo, this would make sense, despite the result of the Charlo vs Canelo fight that is scheduled for this September.

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