Firstly, I may continue using this format for the foreseeable future when making multiple picks, to try and consolidate predictions.

The following are my picks for the fights up-coming very soon:

  • Amanda Serrano: Decision
  • Jake Paul: TKO

I also think over 6-rounds would be a good pick for the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz match; simply put, Nate Diaz is a retired UFC fighter, he is not a specialised boxer, and he is also 38 years-of-age.

Compare that to Jake Paul, whilst being a club fighter more-or-less (not a prospect), and some would argue a glorified white-collar boxer; he is the younger of the two, and has been scoring TKO’s against former UFC fighters in the ring.

Finally, I don’t think Nate Diaz has been looking good in the uploaded training videos; whilst we can’t take too much from this (and I should state that these videos may be red-herrings), he has no proven boxing experience, as far as I know.

As for Serrano vs Hardy; Serrano hasn’t been stopping her opponents in her last 5 fights, and Hardy has never been stopped before, including a previous bout between the pair.

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