Tommy Fury barely-scrapes decision win against KSI

Tommy Fury barely-scrapes a decision win against KSI in Manchester, Manchester Arena after a point deduction.

I have submitted this review later than ideal; still, it accurately reflects my thoughts on the fight.

Firstly, this was dull fight, Fury struggled to let his hands go, and land consecutive combos.

KSI stayed on the outside, waiting to throw the right-hand, and then clinch once Fury had got inside.

Neither fighter received much damage in the fight, as a only a small number of punches were landed on either side.

Personally, I expected better from Fury, who had little amateur experience, but more professional experience compared to KSI.

Fury was not able to stamp his authority, and didn’t prevent KSI’s clinches; rather, he more-or-less co-operated.

Tommy Fury may continue fighting in the misfits scene, the fight made a staggering 1.3m PPV buys, excellent for the quality of the fight that it was.

But, does Fury make it in the professional game? So far, he seems to only be a domestic level fighter.

Finally, We will have to see what Fury’s next fight will be. Many believe that Misfits is making a mockery of the sport.

But the fighters are generating a lot of revenue, due to their large social-media followings. Naturally; it should be expected that Tommy Fury will continue fighting in this scene.

The best fight on the card; arguably, was Salt Papi vs Slim, as this had decent action. Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis was a lacklustre fight, where Danis hard refused to work.

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