Tyson Fury has recently uploaded a video directed to Francis Ngannou; Fury exclaims: “I’m going to knock you out, you big dosser” (his usual shtick), arguably shirking his responsibilities.

Frank Warren had the following to say on the fight: https://twitter.com/IFLTV/status/1679085029207556097?s=20

I think it’s more likely that the fight will be one-sided for Fury and will result in a TKO victory.

Generally; MMA fighters who compete in a boxing ring, fall short as they’re not specialised pugilists, and vice versa is also true (boxers don’t perform very well in an octagon).

I don’t think this fight will lead to Fury fighting in an octagon, I very much doubt it.

Fans still ponder: when will the Usyk fight materialise? It seems a new hurdle emerges, with blame being redirected.

Perhaps it was the plan to have Fury fight Usyk after other options have been tried (one example being Daniel Dubois).

Finally, this is a fight that the fanbase did not want, and this doesn’t help Fury’s boxing career in anyway.

The WBC, I think, should have also assigned Fury a mandatory opponent.


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