Rumours circulate about a potential fight between Tommy Fury and KSI; according to Jake Paul, Fury is set to earn $1.5m from the fight.

The weight suggested is 185Ibs (approximately 84kg), this will be 10-pounds heavier than the light-heavyweight limit that Fury typically fights at.

This will technically be a cruiserweight contest, does this the mean that Fury will move up to this division in the future? We will find out in due course.

KSI is much less experienced than Fury; however, Fury did have some difficulty when fighting Jake Paul.

What does this mean for Fury’s career? Fury is 24, so has plenty of time still to hone his skillset and further his professional boxing career.

Personally, I would prefer that boxers focus on building up themselves and competing with boxers of a similar or higher ranking.

Financially, this could make sense as influencer boxing does have a lot of interest, and could bring new fans to the sport.

Others may argue that this is making a mockery of the sport, as relative-novices are challenges opponents (albeit, in exhibition matches) that they otherwise would not compete against normally.

I think boxers should work through the rankings gradually; of course, it is unlikely that YouTube influencers have any intentions of being fully committed professional boxers, and are instead looking for fights where there is a lot of money to be made.

Finally, should the fight be scheduled, I will have to pick Fury to win as he’s more experienced and more skilled. It remains to be seen how much rounds the fight will be scheduled for; based on the fight with Paul, I think it’s likely it will be between 6 and 8 rounds.


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