The Price

The PPV price for the Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte rematch has been announced and causes outrage amongst fans.

Firstly, I want to say first; that I don’t think the price is extortionate, the figure of 26.99 I think correlates with current rates of inflation.

It’s possible that the outrage may stem from the fact that neither fighter is a title-holder at present; albeit, they are ticket-sellers and Anthony Joshua is indeed an international superstar.

This fight of course, is not the same calibre as the potential fight between Joshua and Wilder, which is rumoured to be scheduled for later this year (around December).

Popularity and Interest

If I remember correctly, their first match was not on PPV; of course, they have both grown in popularity since then, and Joshua had become a two-time world heavyweight champion.

According to IFL TV, the rematch had sold-out within 6 hours, I will provide the following tweet:

Indeed; the rematch has much anticipation from fans, Eddie Hearn himself has stated that the fight could have sold out a stadium:

“It is a massive fight. It will have a massive undercard. We could have done it in a stadium, tickets go on sale next week.”

The above quote has been sourced from the following article:

The Card and Related Matches

It remains to be seen what the full-card will look like; personally, I’m more interested in the Usyk vs Dubois match, as that is new-ground. I think Joshua will win by TKO/KO against Whyte again, the likely result being after round 5 (Whyte’s punch-resistance has declined, but so has Joshua’s aggression also).

Usyk will likely defeat Dubois on points; but a stoppage cannot be ruled out, as the Ukrainian will likely land barrages of punches across rounds with his tremendous conditioning and skill.

The Winner of this fight I think, may go on to fight Wilder in December.

Finally, I believe Joshua vs Whyte II will be electric event, with much excitement to be had, and I will look forward to the announcement of the full-card.


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