Jaron “Boots” Ennis, is set to fight Roiman Villa on Saturday 8th July. The fight is scheduled for 12-rounds.

Both fighters are coming in with high knockout percentages, 90 and 92% respectively for Ennis and Villa (sourced from Box.live).

Each fighter’s last outing came via decision wins, this suggests that as they fight against more highly-ranked opponents, they will score fewer knockout/TKO wins.

Ennis’ previous opponent was Karen Chukhadzhian, who is currently ranked #41 according to BoxRec.

Roiman Villa’s last opponent on the other hand, was Rashidi Ellis, who is currently ranked #10 according to BoxRec.

This will be a significant jump in level for Jaron Ennis (based on my current knowledge of the welterweight rankings; unfortunately, I do not know what ranking Sergey Lipinets or Custio Clayton were at the time of their fights with Ennis), who is used to dominating his opponents.

Roman Villa is known for his aggressive, Mexican-esque style, swarming his opponents when moving forward with hooks to both body and head. He particularly works hooks very well to the body, the left-hook especially.

Where I think Boots will have success, is with the left-uppercut against Villa’s looping right-hand, which he uses from time-to-time.

Please find their respective BoxRec records here:

I think the contest will be hard-fought between both men, with Jaron Ennis coming out on top.

I expect Ennis to box on the outside, frequently using the jabs and feints, to setup his counter power-punches.

Ennis I think will win by points; however, the book-keepers are in favour of a knock-out win for Ennis (one example is 1/5 odds at the time of writing this article).

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