Chantelle Cameron gets the victory over Katie Taylor in a tough fought contest in Dublin for Katie Taylor’s homecoming.

Cameron was front-footed and aggressive, working jabs and following with combinations vociferously, putting Taylor on the back-foot; on occasion, Taylor would throw combinations when on the back-foot, demonstrating that she had the faster hand-speed than Cameron, but simply didn’t work enough or land enough punches to win the rounds.

Taylor I think clearly won the last round, getting the better of the exchanges in the pocket with her superior hand-speed.

Taylor’s head-movement had also helped her to negate some of Cameron’s exchanges in the earlier rounds; naturally, her head-movement had reduced as the fight had went on.

Cameron’s work-rate, as well as landing more punches, was the deciding factor in Chantelle Cameron winning the rounds, Taylor by and large, wasn’t able to keep up with the pace.

There is a re-match clause, so we can expect another contest from these two later in the year.

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