Junto Nakatani lands an over-hand left which knocks Andrew Maloney out cold in the 12th round. This was an impressive showing by Nakatani, who had took command of the match throughout and pummelled Maloney with power punches in each round.

Nakatani demonstrated that he was not adverse to throwing uppercuts, almost landing them from both the lead and rear hands at will; showcasing explosive punch-output.

Nakatani had scored a knockdown against Maloney in the 11th round, knocking him on his seat on the canvas.

Maloney had shown great heart and will; he was not in the fight, but despite of this, continued to fight on, rushing Nakatani trying to score power punches on the inside: he was simply too tough for his own good.

I hope Andrew Maloney makes a full-recovery after this gruelling match, and I hope that Junto Nakatani continues onwards and upwards. Maloney had went out on his shield.

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