Gary Cully, who was on a TKO/KO streak and chief support for Katie Taylor’s homecoming fight, gets destroyed by an experienced and heavy-handed Mexican in Joe Felix. Cully had success early, landing jabs and following up with right-hooks and straight punches; however, he eventually gets caught with a check-hook from Felix (almost a gazelle punch as Felix stepped into it) and doesn’t fully recover from there on.

Cully tries to circle around the ring and clinch Felix, and just when he seems to have weathered the storm, he gets caught again from a heavy punch and is dropped; he gets up and takes his time, but it is clear that he is still wobbly.

Cully tries to fight back on the ropes, but his punches carry no weight, Felix pummels Cully with an onslaught and the towel is thrown; the ref doesn’t notice that the towel has been thrown, and so the onslaught continues, until the referee eventually stops the fight.

This was significant upset, as Gary Cully was the favourite by a substantial margin, I believe he was 1/9 odds at the start of the match.

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