Dalton Smith gets a stunning KO victory over Sam Maxwell in the 7th round, via an excellent right-cross that ended the fight.

Smith’s right-hand was dominant throughout the fight, whether it was an uppercut, or a straight punch, decisively getting Sam Maxwell’s attention.

Sam Maxwell had some success early in the fight, landing a counter right-hand of his own I believe in either the second or the third round.

By and large, Maxwell was ineffective and couldn’t land his right-hand counters enough, Smith’s jab being too sharp and too fast.

Smith was moving to his right throughout the fight, to negate the right-hand counter from Maxwell.

An accidental clash of heads caused a cut on Smith’s left-eye, this cut didn’t develop further in the fight, and was taken care of by Smith’s cut-man.

Another cut then developed on Smith’s right-eye, but I cannot recall if this was caused by a punch, or a clash of heads.

Where does Maxwell go from here? This was a cross-roads fight for Maxwell, who is 34 years-of-age and has suffered two TKO/KO defeats. He can fight at domestic level still, but it’s not likely his career develops any further from here.

Does Smith get another stunning KO victory in his next? That remains to be seen.

Finally, I think the next potential opponents for Smith could be any of the following: Robbie Davies Jr, Jon Fernandez, Harlem Eubank, Darragh Foley and Jose Felix etc.

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