Gavin Gwynne wins by retirement after being down on the cards

Gavin Gwynne wins by retirement in the 9th-round, after being down on the cards, as Emiliano Marsili boxed out of the his skin.

The 33 year-old had a torrid performance against the 47 year-old Marsili, who was snapping in-and-out of range, working combinations.

Gwynne began to work his way back into the fight after the first half, he was staying in the pocket working on the inside.

The tactics deployed by Gwynne and his team may seem an enigma, as he wasn’t using his significant height and reach advantage.

Instead, Gwynne had preferred to tuck his chin, keep the elbows in, and work up close.

Gwynne had a height advantage of approximately 5 inches, at 6ft-tall, compared to Marsili, who was 5″6 1/2. But chose not to box on the outside.

If it was high-energy, non-stop action; with Marsili working at a higher-pace in the first half.

Marsili began to slow down, and this in part, would have been influenced by his age.

The retirement was caused by a shoulder injury, that must have occurred during the 8th-round.

With all being said, this was a very entertaining fight, and I think Marsili would have surprised quite a lot of people.

Finally, Gavin Gwynne continues to progress with his career, I do think a rematch could be in the works, due to the nature of the result.

We shall see what happens going ahead.


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