Katie Taylor gets revenge in action-packed contest

Katie Taylor gets revenge, in what was an action-packed contest against Chantelle Cameron, who defeated Taylor in their previous bout.

Taylor had made good use of head-movement, and was also moving well on the outside, waiting for the moment to throw salvos of punches.

Cameron was marching forward, trying to walk down Taylor towards the ropes and corners, in an attempt to bulldoze Taylor.

Unfortunately for Cameron, she was smothering her work, sometimes getting too close to be able to carefully land jabs and crosses.

Where Cameron had most of her success, was with the body-shots; unfortunately, she didn’t commit to this tactic until later in the fight.

More bodywork earlier in the fight, likely could have made a big difference to Taylor’s movement; specifically, in slowing Taylor down.

Taylor’s hand-speed had really shown in this fight, even a commentator had mentioned how it appeared that Taylor improved on this since her last fight.

Taylor had used combos in vintage fashion, putting punches together concurrently in quick succession.

An accidental clash-of-heads had caused a cut to erupt on Cameron’s forehead, the bleeding was mostly brought under control.

Taylor had began to target the cut once it was opened, looking for right straights down the middle during her exchanges.

Finally, what happens next for both fighters? We could have a trilogy in Croke Park, as this is where Taylor would like to fight before she retires. Eddie Hearn had suggested this on the live DAZN broadcast.

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image source: https://youtube.com/watch?v=U_U2dVfBnuA

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