Jordan Gill stops Michael Conlan

Jordan Gill stops Michael Conlan in the 7th-round, after repeatedly hurting Conlan throughout the fight, at the SSE Arena, Belfast.

Conlan’s punch resistance appears to have severely waned, since the losses to Leigh Wood and Luis Alberta Lopez respectively.

Jordan Gill looked to be the larger fighter, and looked focused and fresh, he was however, coming off inactivity.

One particular move that was impressive for Gill, was the feint of the right, to follow with a step and a stiff-jab to the jaw, dropping Michael Conlan.

Conlan’s previous outing resulted in a TKO loss, Conlan simply doesn’t have the punch resistance to survive at world-level.

Gill has ultimately saved his career with this performance, and looked strong in doing so.

I’m sure Gill will have a range of opponents to choose from, since this victory, which was a high-profile fight indeed.

If Conlan were to continue his boxing career, he may want to consider going back down to featherweight; he simply doesn’t have the size or durability for the super-featherweight division at this level.

I could be proven wrong, and Conlan may perform again and put on an excellent performance, but there will be substantial risk involved.

Jordan is Gill not a prolific-puncher, and came into this fight with a KO percentage of 29%.

Gill could go on to fight the likes of Anthony Cacace, Henry Lebron or Oscar Valdez etc. but his stoppage losses to Kiko Martinez and Mario Enriqur Tinoco, don’t put him in good stead.

Finally, I will await to see how Jordan Gill performs in the revitalisation of his career; he seems to have more focus, and more power since his return.

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